Best Features In Surveillance Systems

Have you been in the market to buy a surveillance system for your apartment building? There are various systems which have been designed, and you might wonder which is the best-suited model for your apartment. Surveillance systems help to keep your property safe thus reducing the risks associated with insecurity.

To achieve this, you only need a fully-functional and loaded surveillance security system. There are different manufactures of these systems, and all of them claims to be making the best. You should take into account of the following important features to get the best system.

Low light viewing

The majority of the intruders sets out in the darkness since they can conceal their acts easily. They take this advantage since most of the security systems are unable to gather images and record videos due to poor lighting. You might consider adding a porch light though it could be challenging especially if you have several entry points. Surveillance systems having infrared detection are the best alternative.


Resolution of your camera is another important feature that you should consider when purchasing a surveillance system. An HD camera is the best as it provides clear and crisp images which allows one to see even the minutest details. The vivid colored image enables license plate recognition, face recognition, and actions. Such a camera having more pixels can offer a high resolution.

Motion detection

If you have a camera, that is running continuously might end up being costly. Also, recording throughout the clock eats too much of the storage space. The motion sensors are triggered immediately once movement is detected and you get alerted by an alarm system attached to it. You can, therefore, get the needed footage and save your hard drive space.


There is another alternative for remote monitoring though most of the people have no time for 24/7 monitoring. This means that you are required to have a special facility which can record all the happenings within your premises. The different surveillance systems feature various recording options like the hard drives (external or inbuilt), cloud storage and memory cards. There are high-capacity DVRs which can record round the clock. You can then play back the recording at your own free time.

Wide coverage

The fixed cameras have some shortcomings especially if you are interested in monitoring a wider area. You should keep an eye on all the places in your home by using a camera which is tilted, panned and zoomed to give a wide area of view. This will help you in picking even the minutest details.